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Cevne Tehnologije

Brugg pipe systems

Our company offers a wide variety of pre-insulated flexible or rigid pipes for district heating. Reels or custom lenghts of pipes are deliverable according to customer`s request. Medium pipe can be made of steel, stainless steel, copper, polymer (PEXa) or other materials. The pipes can be used for local heating networks (up to 95°C), district heating networks (up to 180°C) and steam pipe systems (up to 400°C), sanitary water, condensate, cold water and swimming pool engineering. 

We also offer single or double-walled industrial pipes and special pipes for gas stations. Those pipes are usually flexible, corrugated with leak detection system. Medium pipe can be made of copper, stainless steel, polymer (PEXa) or other requested materials. The pipes are used for transporting dangerous and highly flammable liquids and chemicals. The pipes are often used for transporting fuels at gas stations, vapour suction and in many other industrial aplications.