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Rubber hoses

Due to their physical characteristics and great usability they are our most represented product line. One of the most important characteristics of rubber, which differentiates it from other materials, is its elasticity. Besides elasticity natural and synthetic rubbers have numerous other qualities, such as little wear, impermeability to fluids, air and gasses, they perform well in various solutions, are resistant to majority of chemicals, have wide temperature range, are resistant to effects of weather and couple great with other materials.

Our rubber hoses are manufactured in accordance with EU and international standards for different industrial settings and do not contain phthalates or bisphenol. They have acquired different certificates, namely FDA, BGvV and IANESCO for food industry; EN 12115, EN 1761 for chemicals and oil derivatives; ISO 6134 type 1 and 2, class A for steam; EN 559 ISO 3821, EN 1762/2003 for technical gasses and UNP and Ex areas/spaces according to ATEX directive. 

Hoses are provided in requested lengths of different diameters and with different fittings, such as flanges, various clips, “Cam&Groove” and “TW” couplings, “API” and other dry break couplings. Our company uses a system of traceability for production, testing, maintenance and repair of each individual hose delivered to customer. 

  • Dimensions: from fi 3 mm to fi 500 mm
  • Temperature range: from –40 °C to +232 °C
  • Working pressure: up to 250 bar