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Silicone hoses

For their chemical and physical characteristics silicone hoses are widely usable. Besides being resistant to effects of weater (ozone, UV, corrosion) and aging, they are also physiologically harmless (special elastomers). Weak acids, alkalis, salt, oxidation agents and vegetable oils may have influence them to a small degree.  

In contrast to other elastomers, silicone hoses’ characteristics are practically unvarying in temperature range from –60 °C to +250 °C. Sterilization of these hoses can be done in hot air or steam at temperature up to 140 °C and can be repeated. They are used in critical industrial applications, such as food and chemical industry, medicine and pharmacy. Our customers may choose between two different production qualities of silicone hoses: we offer peroxide catalysis for food industry and platinum-cured for pharmacy. Each delivery comes with certificate of adequacy: FDA CFR – 177.2600, USP CLASS VI, ISO 10953. The assortment of silicone hoses is completed by silicone hoses and bends for industrial and railroad vehicles. 

We offer pressure, pressure-suction hoses and tubing of required lengths and different diameters and with different fittings, such as flanges, various clips,  “Cam&Groove” and Triclamp couplings. Our company uses a system of traceability for production, testing, maintenance and repair of each individual hose delivered to customer.

  • Dimensions: from DN 4 mm to DN 80 mm
  • Temperature range: from –60 °C to +250 °C
  • Working pressure: from 1 bar to 14 bar