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Cevne Tehnologije

Composite hoses

Due to their specific construction, internal and external spring spiral and numerous layers of different polymers, composite hoses are very flexible and compared to other hoses much lighter. Use of different combinations of materials enables supply of hoses, suitable for transport of a wide range of chemicals, oil derivatives and BIO fuels at different temperatures and pressures.

Quality of a composite hose depends on strength and reliability of a joint between a hose and a fitting. That is why we use unique system of compression with quality and precisely designed couplings, clips and seals. This kind of compression system guarantees electrical conductivity, which makes our composite hoses suitable for use in all ATEX areas. They are manufactured in accordance with EU and international standards.

Company CT - Cevna tehnika d.o.o. uses a system of traceability for production, testing, maintenance and repair of each individual hose delivered to customer. We deliver hoses of required lengths and different diameters and fittings, such as flanges, various threaded fittings, “Cam&Groove” and “TW” couplings, “API” and other dry break couplings.

  • Dimensions: from DN 25 to DN 250
  • Temperature range: from – 200°C to + 110°C
  • Working pressure: up to 25 bar